Why do babies cry

Can you distinguish the reasons for your baby’s cry? In this article we will focus on why do babies cry, how to diversify between hunger and other reasons such as anxiety, pain or just being tired…. When your baby is born, it is heart wrecking to listen to its cry. Even more, it is difficult […]

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Breastfeeding: A proper latch of your baby
Dieťatko pri mame/Baby is with mummy

Breastfeeding: A proper latch of your baby Did you know that a proper latch is the key feature for a long term breastfeeding? Were you prepared when you were expecting your child? How much relevant information was available? Did you get to it on time or you started breastfeeding intuitively? Good latching is the key […]

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Psychomotor develop. of a newborn

What muscle tension newborn has? How to stimulate baby’ s psychomotor development without nervous system irritation? Here in the article you may find couple of hints related to the first three months of baby. First trimester is the period of three months after birth. This article focuses on the perspective of psychomotor development. Healthy baby […]

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