"Congratulations dear Mother, you are the whole world for your baby already.

You too, dear Father, you're becoming a safe harbour for your family."

About me

As a mother of two, I know from personal experience that the experience of becoming a mother is reflected in the happiness, self-confidence and overall well-being of a woman for a long time.

My mission is to make you feel secure and appreciated following your own path to motherhood respectfully. I support you in decisions, I provide you with relevant information, I reflect your inner strength. I trust your body and mind that you can deliver your baby.

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Doula / Birth / Postpartum / Breastfeeding /Massages / Exercises

Comprehensive prenatal/ postnatal courses or one time consultation

The way we come into the world will affect us throughout our lives.
I will guide you on your unique path to motherhood, with respect for you and your baby


Get inspired by a few advices for the first days with your baby

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Group courses will be organised in CC Bublinka Address: Milana Marečka 12, Bratislava In case you are interested in course in antoher city, please contact me directly via email.