Childbirth with a doula

Have support with you during an intimate and rare moment, such as childbirth

I will accompany you throughout the whole labor journey in the hospital or at home birth

I accompany couples in Bratislava, Hainburg, but I am willing to travel across regions/countries to the destination of your choice. (Czech republic, Austria)

Labor with doula brings

  • Encouragement to find strength
  • Assurance if you have doubts
  • Pain relief
  • Explanation of medical care and birth state
  • Support of you and your partner

You benefit

  • Possible painless labor without medical interventions
  • Time for yourself and your baby to tune in and work together in the birth process
  • Dampening all surrounding distractions
  • Care and dignity during labor
  • On site translator



Birth emergency 
I am available 24/7 to come to your home to accompany you through first stage of labor, will be available 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the due date
Birth assistance
I am with you for the whole labor, including a “Golden hour” with your baby
After birth visit at your home
We go through your labor experience together, I assist with proper latching and may consult topics related to child care upon your demand



Hands on consultations
Short term slots (within 24 hours from the request) for personal consultation providing relevant EBM and qualified solution to your problems after birth related to child care or women’s postnatal health

Online care centre line
You send the request via email or private communication platform providing problem description and relevant photos, and you get the answer and solution within 3 hours also on weekends and free days

Express packages
Mini 105,- eur : 2 personal visits in the hospital or at home 90 minutes each + 3 online consultations 30 minutes each

Midi 150,- eur: 3 personal visits in the hospital or at home 90 minutes each + 4 online consultations 30 minutes each

Maxi 195,- eur: 4 personal visits in the hospital or at home 90 minutes each + 5 online consultations 30 minutes each

Mostly requested topics:breastfeeding, manipulation with a newborn, sleeping routines, tummy ache, scar care, physiotherapy of a diastasis recti, pelvic floor healing program, back pain stabilisation with a cloth


In case of a labor in a different region/country, I bill travel costs. Travelling in a car with client is not charged extra. The price is without VAT

Contact me for the reservation