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Wellness Care for pregnant women

Pregnant woman, who is in back pain, ligaments or muscles tension, is perceived as sensitive by medical personnel. Long term discomfort is degraded to a standard in pregnancy. Some doctors even ask woman what she expects, comparing it to birth as a common foreplay. Women should not accept these statements.

PAIN does not associate with being PREGNANT
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REBOZO massage:

Suitable for all pregnant women. Method is based on soft techniques using special cloth which might be of your daily routine not only in pregnancy.

The Rebozo technique helps relax mothers without any drugs at all. Try Rebozo Manteada for comfort in pregnancy. Use the two techniques below during early or active labor for comfort, and to enhance techniques that may then be used to make space for the baby to get into their best position for labor. I will teach you and your partner to use REBOZO at home.

Pelvic floor exercises:

Do you feel tired, feel pain in symphysis or have stress incontinence when doing physical activity or when cold. This exercises will help you to strengthen the core of your abdominal as well as pelvic floor. Exercises are not harmful to your baby, on contrary it will  help you to cope with labor and get back into shape sooner after the birth.

Wellness Care for women after birth

A woman’s body after childbirth is fragile and sensitive. It takes time to recover after birth. Postpartum period- six to eight weeks after birth is ideal time for relaxation and recovery. Take your time for adaptation in new situations with baby, sleep with your baby, home made food, do not waste your energy on housework.

Are You shortly after vaginal/ caesarian birth BUT YOU ARE NOT in shape?

Fit after birth

There are some topics about which we do not speak out. Stress incontinence, pain during sex, diastasis recti. All the mentioned troubles sometimes persist for years in a woman’s life. In addition, other related pains of movement apparatus add on. GIVE THEM YOUR ATTENTION. It is worth your health and well-being.

Specific care is dedicated to women after caesarian section. The scar needs a special cure, it lasts 3-6 months to heal completely. I will advice you on the proceedings which will bring psychological and physical benefits.



Customed exercises according to your needs, 60 minutes

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