Dieťatko pri mame/Baby is with mummy

Breastfeeding: A proper latch of your baby

Did you know that a proper latch is the key feature for a long term breastfeeding? Were you prepared when you were expecting your child? How much relevant information was available? Did you get to it on time or you started breastfeeding intuitively?

Good latching is the key to long lasting breastfeeding.

Well, there is no right or wrong answer to all those questions. Breastfeeding is believed to be a natural process indeed. However, it very often is not. Many newborn babies are just unique in their needs, and there are many variations to what can be considered a proper latch. Often, suckling is not painful, but still the baby is not getting enough milk. Other times, women feel unbearable pain, though the baby seems happy. So the women strive and it is not shame to admit that. The sooner we find out the core of the problem with breastfeeding, the higher the chance baby will be thriving and you will not have to hesitantly supplement your baby with a formula.

 Correct latch helps to:

  • Protect the nipples from bruises.
  • Supports good milk production.
  • Ensures sufficient milk delivery to the baby = effective feeding
  • Boosts good weight gain.
  • Prevents nursing strike, baby latches on calmly .
  • Prevents from biting.

Principles of a good latch:

  • Make sure that baby’s body is well positioned. Best position is CROSS CRADLE POSITION. Baby lies on cross hand and the related hand helps to support the breast
  • Make sure that baby’s head is well placed in your palm, baby should feel safe and in a stabilizes position
  • Nipple is facing upper lip
  • Baby attaches to the breast with mouth wide open
  • Make sure most of the nipple base is in baby’s mouth
  • Double check you do not see bottom lips or corner of the mouth while your baby is latched on
  • Make sure you see baby swallowing the milk

In case you do not reach effective latch, some of the points above are not fulfilled, or you encounter any of the baby’s problematic behavior, please contact me.